Welcome to the Jim Bell Wireless Association (K4TNS)

Jim Bell Wireless Association - K4TNS

Thank you for visiting. If you have come to us from the Special Event Station W4C, for a QSL card, please send a SASE to WA4LR at the address at qrz.com. We'll be happy to get one out to you. We're glad we got to talk to you.

We are an amateur radio club supporting amateur radio operators (Hams) in Butler County and Lowndes County and the surrounding area in Alabama. We are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. We offer a variety of activities to encourage the use of amateur radio. We participate in several activites throughout the year including ARRL Field Day in June and the SET in October. The Jim Bell Wireless Association, named after the late Jim Bell, former Butler County EMA Director, exists to advocate the use of Amateur Radio in Butler and Lowndes counties and the surrounding area. K4TNS belonged to Jim Bell, himself, and now is used by the club, in his honor.


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